Why Did I Decide to Start Blogging?

A number of people have asked me recently what motivated me to start this blog.

In school, we spent years learning about science, language, math, and social studies from text books, but we spent very little time – if at all – on real life skills like saving, making, and managing money.

Somehow, we’re supposed to just “pick up” how to manage our finances, as if innate to us! The truth is, money management  is not a skill that we’re all born with – it’s acquired.

Ideally students should leave school with at least basic knowledge about the following basic topics:

  • Creating and staying with a budget
  • Saving money every day
  • Getting out of debt
  • Boosting your income
  • How to boost your credit score
  • Protecting your identity

In my day to day work as an accountant, I come across many people who don’t even have this basic knowledge.

For example, I live in a part of Australia where there are many highly paid coal miners.  I’m constantly amazed when I complete their tax returns to find they have nothing to show as a result of earning a high income. They have little money in the bank, no investment properties, etc. They do have two or more cars, perhaps a couple of motor bikes and a jet ski. In their house that have the latest big screen TV’s and many types of expensive household appliances.

When you talk to them the honest ones admit that they should be doing better financially but don’t have the knowledge or the skills.

I have felt the need for some time to do something about assisting people to increase their financial knowledge. So I decided to do my little bit by setting up this blog. The positive feedback that I have received by means of comments on the blog has been very gratifying.

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