Top 10 Tips for Choosing Mortgage Broker

If you’re prepared to start house hunting or want to re-finance the loan on the home you are presently living in, you are more than likely trying to seek a good mortgage broker who is trustworthy, genuinely trying to help you, and is easy to work along with.

Take a quick look at these tips to help you pick a mortgage broker that’ll best assist you in your quest for receiving the mortgage loan you desire:

1.            Try to find a broker who has certain connections with many lenders. A successful broker will ordinarily have at least six different lenders to choose from.

Numerous loan sources mean the broker has a variety of alternatives when it comes to mortgage length, interest rate, and the specific requirements of the loans.

2.            Do an initial phone interview. It is essential that you feel good about your broker at all times. Call a broker first before wasting your time to go see them in person.

3. How long has your broker been in this business? An effective mortgage broker that has some experience will give you the service you are looking for all the time.

4. Find out about the references for the broker. Try to follow up on all of the broker’s references to make sure he or she is the best fit for you.

5. Try to discover a mortgage broker that will be something like your legal agent. Protecting your interest is what you want your broker to do.

It is wise to ask the question, Are you working as a lender or a broker? The difference is the lender operates for his own benefit and the individuals at the lending institutions, while a mortgage broker operates for yours and his benefit.

6. Be positive that the mortgage broker you are thinking about going with will be interested in your needs and wants. An efficient, experienced broker will aid you in reaching goals and helping you figure out the kind of house you wish to find. You’ll be one step closer to finding a good broker.

7. Find a broker who will execute a written contract with you. Since it is necessary by law for a broker to disclose how much money he will want for the transaction, ensure you have a written contract with him that spells out his compensation.

The contract must include the services the broker is giving and the price agreed upon for that certain service.

A written contract up front is crucial because, unfortunately, most brokers are far from being trustworthy during the 1st phone calls and meetings. If he balks on the written contract, move on to find another


8. Try to find a mortgage broker who doesn’t charge the same as a bank’s loan prices. If you fail to discover the rates and costs of many lending institutions, how will you find out if you’re receiving a good deal from an independent mortgage broker?

9. Try to be positive that the broker you’re interested in is a member of the Upfront Mortgage Brokers Association. This way, your mortgage broker will need to be honest when it comes to charging you for their work and guarantee that he or she will not increase those costs later on.

10. Check with your local Better Business Bureau. Check to see if other individuals have made any complaints about them. You are doing everything possible to protect yourself when you put the strategies above into place. Also, you will make sure you come to a good conclusion with your broker. The home of your dreams may be right around the corner!

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