Save money by spending up big on these five items

The financial advice industry traditionally teaches its clients to save and hold onto their money. Not many advisers tell us that sometimes we have to spend money to save money.

This advice applies to those times when we need to spend money on things such as furniture, appliances, etc. These items that you use every day should be such that they will last for a good number of years.

The following five items especially fit into the above description.

1.       Cooking knives. Most chefs will tell you that good knives will last for many years. So if you choose robust, guaranteed-for-life knives, even if they are expensive, you’ll never have to buy another knife.

2.       Coffee Makers.  Do you love your coffee and can’t do without your caffeine hits during the day? Then you will know just how important it is to make a superb cup of coffee.

On the other hand, if you only have, at most, one cup a day, then you still should consider what is the best for your finances when you purchase a coffee maker.

  • Are you someone who has several coffees each day? Then your best option is a robust model which is also energy-efficient. If you buy a cheaper model the chances are it won’t meet your needs.
  • Maybe you’re someone who only drinks one cup a day.  Then you would be better off considering a single serve model. Whilst they are not cheap they will last you for many years.

 3.       Mattresses.  We all know the importance of a good night’s sleep. So we should be wary of buying a mattress from a department or discount store. If we do, we won’t get the same quality mattress that we would get if we went to a mattress speciality outlet.

Most mattress makers make lesser quality products, with their brand name on them, which sell for less in these stores. But if pay a little more at a specialty store you will be buying a much better product which will last longer.

4.       Lawn Mowers.  Do you mow your own lawn? How often do you go to the garage, take out your mower, make sure it has enough gas, check the oil and then it won’t start. How frustrating. 

  • A good quality mower will cost a little more as it’s made with good quality parts. The extra money will be well spent and will pay for itself many times over. You don’t need the biggest mower but you need the best.    

5.Sofas. One of the most abused items in the average house is the sofa. Kids like to jump on it; we put our feet on it and occasionally have a sleep on it. If we want it to last for years them it needs to be solidly constructed and to have well-designed cushions on it.

  • So if you’ve made the mistake of buying a cheap sofa, then next time around do some research before you buy a new one. Then go and spend at least $1800 or a little more.  It’s even better if you can buy a better quality sofa at a sale.
  • With any of these items it’s always better before you buy to find out as much as you can about the particular brand and model that you’re considering buying. If you’re not in a hurry to buy, then maybe look for sales on items that are well-designed and have quality construction.


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