Save on utilities 


How Much Can You Save? $50 or more per month

Making It Work:

Utilities are one of your largest monthly expenses and they never go away. Reducing your utility bills even slightly can result in profound savings over your lifetime. Even a mere $25/month in savings is $15,000 over 50 years.

Reduce your utility bills with these tips:

1. Adjust the thermostat. You’ll be surprised how tolerant you are to both cooler and warmer temperatures if you allow yourself time to adjust. In the winter, try lowering the thermostat a degree every couple of days until you reach your limit. In the summer, try raising the temperature. Lower the hot water heater temperature, too.

2. Air-dry your dishes.  Electricity is a pretty expensive way to generate heat in most parts of the country. It may take a little more time, so start the dishwasher before leaving for work or heading to bed.

3. Look for water leaks.  Most homes have at least one leaky faucet, toilet, shower, or hose connection. Look below the sinks, too. To discover hidden leaks, check your water meter before going to bed and look at the reading in the morning.

4. Check the insulation in your attic. The layer of insulation above your living space tends to be the most important. Consider adding another layer of insulation or replacing what you have with higher quality insulation.

5. Pay the smart way.  Pay your utility bills with a card that offers cash back or some type of reward. Then pay your credit card bill each month before you get charged any interest. It’s like getting a rebate on your utilities.

6. Turn things off when you leave the room. Modern light bulbs are quite efficient, but the TV, computer, ceiling fans, and other electric items can still be expensive to run all the time.

7. Clean or change your filters. Most furnace filters require monthly replacement or cleaning. Few people actually do it. Clean the lint screen on your dryer before each load, too.

8. Looks for drafts. While you’re searching for water leaks, look for drafts, too. Windows, doors, and electrical outlets are common draft locations. Be careful dealing with drafts around electrical outlets.

9. Go low flow. Low flow toilets and shower heads can make a big difference. Putting a plastic bottle filled with sand in your toilet tank is a cheap substitute for a new toilet.

10. Unplug electronics when not in use. Many modern electronic devices use power even when turned off. A large power strip can save a lot of money over time and is a convenient way to cut off several items with a single switch.

Saving on utilities is an easy way to save money each and every month. Many of these tips are quite simple to put into action. Start saving on your utility expenses today.



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